LodeStar LS3005

Lodestar Function Generator Model LS3005 function generators are versatile signal sources combining several functions into one unit.The heart of the function generator is a voltage-controlled generator that produces precision sine, square, or triangle waves over the 0.5Hz to 5MHz range.

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  • Fully featured, easy to use function generator.
  • Sine, square, triangle, pulse and ramp output.
  • 4 digit LED display.
  • DC offset control and duty cycle control.
  • Separate outputs for TTL and CMOS signals, CMOS signal with adjustable range to fit the circuit.
  • Built-in 4 digit counter.


  • Frequency characters
    • Range: 0.5Hz to 5MHz, 6 ranges.
    • Waveforms: Sine, square, triangle, pulse, ramp
  • Output characters
    • Level: 20V p-p open circuit, 10V p-p into 50 ohm.
    • Impedance: 50 ohm +/-10%.
    • DC offset: Variable: +/-10V open circuit, +/-5V into 50 ohm.
  • Sinewave
    • Distortion: less than 2% at 1KHz.
    • Flatness: < 0.3dB for 5Hz to 500KHz; ≤ 1dB 500KHz - 5MHz.
  • Squarewave
    • Risetime: ≤ 50ns.
    • Symmetry: ≤ +/-3%, 2Hz to 100KHz.
  • Triangle: Linearity.