Analog Oscilloscope Protek 6502A 20MHz

Protek 6502A

Protek 6502A Analog Oscilloscope : 20Mhz, Alt-Mag sweep for simultaneous display of main and X5 magnified trace, 1mV/Div Vertical sensitivity, replacement for discontinued Protek 6502.

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  • 20MHz Bandwidth
  • Alt-Mag sweep for simultaneous display of main and X5 magnified trace
  • 1mV/Div Vertical sensitivity
  • Alternate trigger for a stable display of unrelated signals
  • X5 Sweep Magnification
  • Large 6 inch CRT with internal graticule, for parallax free measurements
  • Autofocus
  • Internal Sync separator circuit for stable triggering on video signals
  • Lightweight with low power consumption
  • Supplied with 2 (X1, X10) probes and operating manual

Vertical Amplifier (CH 1 and CH 2)
Sensitivity 5mV/Div to 5V/Div in 10 steps (1-2-5 seq)
X5 Mag: 1mV/Div to 1V/Div
Accuracy ±3% (5% in X5 Mag)
Bandwidth (-3dB) DC to 20MHz
Rise Time < 17.5ns
Input Impedance 1MW + 25pF
Input Coupling AC-Gnd-DC
Invert Channel CH2
Display Modes CH1, CH2, Add, Dual
Chop Frequency 250kHz ±3%
Maximum Input Voltage 400V (DC or AC peak)
CH1 Signal Output 20mV/Div into 50W: (50Hz to 5MHz)
Horizontal Sweep
Sweep Time 0.1µs/Div to 0.2s/Div in 20 steps (1-2-5 seq)
X5 Mag: 20ns/Div to 40ms/div
Accuracy ±3% (±5% in X5 Mag)
Display Mode A, Alt-Mag, XY
Sweep Magnifier X5 ±5%
Trace Sep 1.5 Div Min
Horizontal Amplifier
Linearity ±3% (±5% in X5 Mag)
X-Y Mode CH 1-X axis, CH 2-Y axis
Sensitivity Same as CH 1 Vertical Amplifier
Bandwidth (-3dB) DC to 500kHz
Phase Error £ 3° DC to 50kHz
Modes Auto, Norm, TV-V, TV-H
Source CH 1, CH 2, Line, EXT
Coupling AC
Slope Positive or Negative
Trigger Sensitivity Int: DC to 2MHz: 2 Div
2MHz to 20MHz: 3 Div
Ext: DC to 2MHz: 200mV P-P; 2MHz to 20MHz: 300mV P-P
TV Synch: Int: 1 Div Min; Ext: 1 V P-P Min
TV-H (Television Line synchronizing Freq)
TV-V (Television Frame synchronizing Freq)
Automatically switched by the A Time/Div Front panel control
External Trigger Input Input Impedance: 1 MW+ 20pF
Maximum Input Volts: 300V (DC or AC peak)
Z Axis Modulation
Sensitivity 5V P-P (Intensity increases with a negative going input)
Bandwidth (-3dB) DC to 2MHz
Input Impedance Approx. 33 KW
Maximum Input Voltage 30V (DC or AC peak)
Calibrator Signal
Frequency Approx. 1kHz (±20%)
Voltage 0.5V P-P ±3%
Duty Cycle Approx. 50%
Type 6" rectangular CRT with illuminated internal 8 X 10 Div graticule (1 Div = 1cm)
Acceleration Voltage 2kV
General Specification
Power Requirements AC Input Voltage: 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V ±10% selectable
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 35W
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
DIMensions 5.5" H x 13.4" W x 14.8" D
Weight 24 lbs.
Supplied Accessories Manual, AC Power cord, (2) X1/X10 Probes


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