PC based Digital Storage Oscilloscope Protek DSO-2090

máy hiện sóng kết nối usb

DSO Digital Storage Oscilloscope Protek DSO-2090 usb pc based: Dãy sản phẩm máy hiện sóng số dựa trên nền máy vi tính cá nhân (PC based) là dãy sản phẩm rất độc đáo của protek. Tần suất lấy mẫu đạt từ 100 - 500 MS/s. Băng thông 40MHz đến 200MHz

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Maximum sampling rate Realtime sampling 100MS/s
Bandwidth 40MHz(-3dB)
Single shot bandwidth 40MHz
Buffer size 32K samples
Channels 2 Channels
Voltage Range 10mV ~ 5V/div @ 1 probe
100mV ~ 50V/div @ 10 probe
1V ~ 500V/div @ 100 probe
10V ~ 5000V/div @ 1000 probe
Accuracy ±3%
Timebase Range 4ns/div ~ 1h/div (1-2-4 sequence)
Offset Level +/-4 Divisions
Coupling AC, DC, GND
Impedance 1M ohm
Input protection 35Vpk(DC + peak AC; Without external attenuation)
Roll Mode 1s/div ~ 1h/div
Range 10 Divisions
Pre/Post Production 0% ~ 100%
Trigger TYPE Edge trigger: Rising edge, Falling edge
Trigger mode Auto, normal, and single
Autoset Yes
Settability 0.03 div increments
Trigger Level +/-4 division
Measurements Vp-p, Vmax, Vmin, Vmeans, Vrms, Vamp, Vhigh, Vlow, positive overshoot, negative overshoot, cycle mean, cycle rms, period, frequency, positive pulse width, negative pulse width, rise time (10% ~ 90%) fall time (10% ~ 90%), positive duty cycle, negative duty cycle
Cursor Time/frequency difference, voltage difference
Math Addition, Subtraction, multiplication, Division
FFT Rectangular, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman Window
Interface Universal Serial Bus (USB)
Power No external source required
Bus-powered from USB1.7W)
Calibration Signal Output 2V, 1kHz, Square Wave
Trace Display Point/Line
Vertical Position Variable Yes
Grid On/Off
File Management Image save: .BMP, .JPG
Data Save: .dso
OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) automation: Data generation for Microsoft excel
Setting save/load
Print Print in color/mono


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